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Asbjørn is back with his 6th single from his continuing release of his album Pseudo Vison. His last clip "The Love You Have In You" accumulated 30 000 views in the first week so it's safe to say Asbjørn is a man in demand! Read more about Asbjørn.




Mr. Wolf sits down with Danish musician, Lisa Alma, before the release of her new EP, 'Oh Darling, Let's be Adventurers'. You can listen to the EP, here

Wolf interviews Geraldine Juarez at Click Festival, Helsingør. 

Edition One Launch Party, March 28 2013.


The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Live at the Meredith Music Festival 2006

Wolf recently caught up with Trummor and Orgel, the musical brother duo Staffan and Anders Ljunggren, and infamous front man and vocalist Ebbot Lundberg, from Soundtrack of Our Lives, after their show at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg.

Read the full article at the Journal of Nordic Style.

Sea Change | Bridge Lives In Oslo

Heralding from Norway, Sea Change is Ellen A.W. Sunde's alter-ego and passport to the exploration of the dynamic musical landscape that her sound provides. 

Read the full article, here.

Men Who Swim

Wolf met with Sam Victorin of the Stockholm Art Swim Gents to chat about this unique and quirky mens synchro team. To read the full article visit the Journal of Nordic Style.

Young Dreams | First Days of Something

We have called on our friends at Nordic Vibrations to keep us, and you, up to date with the latest on the Scandinavian music scene, with the promise of a new instalment of good-listening monthly. This month, we explore the music scene of Europe's wettest city, Bergen. Read on, here.

Panamah | DJ Blues

Wolf recently ventured out of our lair and across the water from Helsingborg to Hesingør to see what all of the fuss is about when it comes to Copenhagen band Panamah. Read on, here.

Asbjørn | Brotherhood

The week's audio indulgence with Nordic by Nature features Asbjørn, who began a unique musical journey this year, breaking the shackles of traditional album releases and taking his listeners on a path of musical discovery with periodical releases of his album Psuedo VisionsRead the full interview, at the Journal of Nordic Style.


Lux is the first track from ALBERT's debut album. Ahead of the release, Wolf sat down with ALBERT to get the inside scoop. You can read the full story, here.

Reptile Youth | JJ

Wolf was at Reptile Youth's most recent gig in Copenhagen. You can view the images at the Journal of Nordic Style.

Grísalappalísa | Skrítin birta

One warm winter night, Wolf ventured down to Pumphuset to witness something magical. You can read our full recap of Grísalappalísa's performance, here.

Tôg | Når me våkne opp imårå

Wolf has recently teamed up with Nordic By Nature to bring you all the best music news from the proverbial water cooler. Our first interview features the Norwegian group Tôg. Read on, at the Journal of Nordic Style.

Birth of a classic: The creation of the Aalto Vase

One of our contributors, Matt Sykes, had the pleasure of encountering the Aalto vase on the back shelf of a Finnish grocery story. You can read his delightful and entertaining story, here.

Simian Ghost | Echoes of Songs

The team at Mr. Wolf is currently working on a monthly collaboration with Nordic Vibrations to bring the best new Scandinavian music straight to your desktop. The first instalment features FM Belfast, School, Highasakite and more. Read on.

Lights Over Lapland: Mr. Wolf sits down with two experts to discuss the art of capturing the Aurora. You can read the full article, here.

Erik Bruun - Making of: Wolf caught up with Bruun to talk design, inspiration, and plans for the future. Read the full article at the Journal of Nordic Style.

Scandi's in Berlin - NbN Midsommer Festival

June is here and that means one thing, Midsommar is just around the corner! Friends of Wolf, Nordic by Nature, are hosting their annual Midsommer festival again this year, and if you're in Berlin on the 20th of June, this is the place to experience all the Scandinavian summer solstice good times! Check out last years festivities...

Read about Summer Heart who will be performing or visit the event website for details. 

Marimekko flies Finnair. Read the full article, here.

Wolf interviews Jófríður of the charming music duo, Pascal Pinon. You can read the article, here.

Wolf speaks with the dynamic duo, Tempel, before their 2013 performance at Iceland Airwaves. To read the full article, visit the Journal of Nordic Style.

Mr. Wolf interviews the super-talented and oh-so-modest Sumie Nagano before her appearance at Iceland Airwaves. You can read the full article, here.

Uni Stefánsson from Iceland's Retro Stefson chats to Wolf in Reykjavik ahead of their European tour. Read the full article at the Journal of Nordic Style.

R/H the label: Mr. Wolf had a chat with Emilia Hernesniemi, one of the co-founders and designers of R/H, about how two friends transformed a pie-in-the-sky graduate dream into a flourishing international brand. Find the full article at the Journal of Nordic Style. 

Mr. Wolf meets with Icelandic musician, Ólafur Arnalds. Read the full article at the Journal of Nordic Style.

Image Copyright Hedinn Eiriksson/Mercury Records


Wolf chats with Katarina Gunnerholm about her success, her music, and keeping it real. Read the full article, here.