Trailerpark Festival 2014

Held in the oh so urban cool Copenhagen skatepark in Vesterbro over three nights, Trailerpark Festival is quaint, cute, creative and generally a genuine good time. Wolf had heard the word on the streets about Trailerpark, a festival with a fusion of installation art and musicians from the North, with three low key and intimate stages that made sure all in attendance got the right amount of dance and culture. From the Tinder Motel to the stage diving antics of Reptile Youth frontman, Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen, Trailerpark was a cosy festival with the right amount of madness, enthusiasm, openness and musical delights that made Wolf excited to go and do it all again next year indeed! If you could pre-book tickets, we would! 


Reflections on Trailer Park

with music from

Photography: Kat Stump
Words, film & a dash of photography: Ash Francisco