Top Ten in Scandinavian Design 
with Igor

Igor Josifovic, from Happy Interior Blog, takes Wolf on a special journey through his favourite 10 Scandinavian design brands. Oh so stylish....


1. Muuto

Even though it is a Finnish name, Muuto is a Danish brand and epitomises the 'New Nordic’ style. Muuto adds a colourful twist to the traditionally more monochromatic Scandinavian design landscape. It combines clear lines and refined forms with a playful interpretation and happy colours. It is cool, modern, young and vibrant – or as simply as the brand puts it itself: New Nordic.  

2. String
Swedish furniture maker String has a long tradition in creating functional and stylish furniture. Recognised worldwide for its simple yet strikingly beautiful String shelf system, the brand has continuously expanded their design portfolio adding new shelving systems, colours and materials to their range. Whether you are looking for a smart solution for the living room, home office or your business workspace, String has the timeless Scandinavian design to please both, function and aesthetics. 

3. By Lassen

The family run Danish brand ‘By Lassen’ owes its international reputation to one iconic product designed by Mogens Lassen back in 1962: the Kubus candleholder. Ever since the brand has never ceased to awe international crowds and has become the one emblematic design piece to underline a Scandinavian style in homes around the globe. Up to today, the brand has enlarged its collection with furniture items and home accessories.

4. A2

Fresh, young, dynamic with a green twist – this could be a short description of the Swedish furniture brand A2. Referring to the heritage of the Scandinavian furniture tradition, the designer of A2 love to challenge how furniture normally works and looks like. The result is a collection of witty, practical and everything but conventional furniture pieces for stylish homes. This young brand reinterprets classical visions of Scandinavian designs and twists tradition and new interpretations.

5. Broste Copenhagen

Home accessories like cushions, home textiles, candles, tableware, decorative pieces and small furniture items comprise the collection of Danish design brand Broste Copenhagen. The Nordic heritage is visible in the entire collection, but it equally has a more eclectic, ethnic vibe to it. A big variety of colours, patterns and materials tempts the design-savvy shopper and adds a dash of Scandinavian design to every home. 

6. Saana ja Olli
This young Finnish couple launched their label ‘Saana ja Olli’ back in 2008 and is focused on the production of home textiles made of 100 % hemp and manufactured entirely in south-western Finland. The textile designs of ‘Saana ja Olli’ are ethnic Nordic, drawing inspiration from Finnish tradition and mythology. Combined with the natural material and careful manufacturing, their pieces are real design highlights for the eye and for the skin. 

7. Fjordfiesta
If you take the strong Scandinavian design heritage and add a bold Norwegian flavour, you will get to Fjordfiesta, a Norwegian brand creating furniture that will last for generations to come. Fjordfiesta processes wood into sleek and functional furniture pieces with a Scandinavian aesthetic. Moreover, the brand pays due attention to sustainability and thus continuing the long tradition of ethical design. 

8. Menu

Menu is a Danish design company founded back in 1976. Sophisticated designs and materials are merged into real design pieces with the typical Scandinavian coolness and urban vibe. Materials like marble, steel and wood are essential for Menu’s collection. The range offers furniture, home accessories and home décor items alike. The design-savvy eye will notice special details on Menu’s products that make a difference – and create a cool, Scandinavian interior design.

That a design success story can stem from a rather unspectacular, utilitarian product proofs the Danish family-run design brand VIPP. Since 1931 VIPP has designed well-thought-out products for stylish kitchens, bathrooms and homes in general. The success started with the iconic VIPP bin and reached entire kitchen designs today. Simple, clean lines and the finest materials are essential to VIPP’s product range and guarantee long-lasting design pleasure.

10. Ferm Living
The young Danish label Ferm Living was founded by designer Trine Andersen and started off with a few wallpaper designs. Nowadays, Ferm Living offers a full range of home accessories and home textiles for the modern and happy home – with graphic patterns, playful hues and smart designs. The latest collection named MORE is particularly fabulous and has gained lots of attention throughout the world.

Words: Igor Josifovic

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