Tom Wood by Mona Jensen

Oslo Jewellery designer Mona Jensen has established her brand Tom Wood by turning an ancient relic in to a contemporary symbol of Scandinavian cool. Her modern take on the signet ring has generated a following of fashion bloggers, artists and celebrities, all who want a piece of that Norwegian edge. 

It is hard to believe that Tom Wood Jewellery was only established last year. Creative director Mona Jensen launched the first collection in April 2013 and whilst merely a year has passed the brand is only going from strength to strength.

Mona told Wolf that her work in marketing and branding for 15 years as well as being a partner and strategic manager at Oslo’s Jimmy Royal are the reasons she has developed such a business savvy mentality.

The foundation of Tom Wood was developed as ‘an urge to try out something new and create an experience that was all her own’. “I wanted to test my skills and see if I were able to establish my own brand, based on my theories.” Being in a more creative position was also a goal for Mona as she set out to design her own collection of unique jewellery.

The essence of Tom Wood draws elements form Norwegian and Scandinavian culture. “There is a focus on simple aesthesis and functionality to the designs that can also often be found in Scandinavian furniture design”. Favouring silver as the material to work with, “it’s both soft and strong at the same time, which makes it easy to shape,” Mona romanticises the way the metal will develop scratches and wear, though only adding to the history of the piece and making it more personal for the wearer.

When it comes to designing the jewellery, Mona finds inspiration in history and in her own experiences. “I find inspiration in things I wear myself, it doesn’t have to be a trend piece, classics are the best,”

And classics they are, Tom Woods reinvention of the signet ring has taken the old historical piece of recognition and turned it in to a must have accessory. The Tom Wood collections mirror an androgynous look that is often found in Scandinavian design. The key to the look is to pay attention to detail and not to overdo in.  Aesthetically it is all about dimensions. “The right dimension is important for the final outcome, a piece should be functional and comfortable to wear and touch.”

“The right dimension is important for the final outcome, a piece should be functional and comfortable to wear and touch.”

With the launch of the jewellery range in 2013, Tom Wood has already developed four collections. Each offers a range of materials and designs intended to suit a wide group of people “both men, women, lawyers, students, young and elderly.” The brand already has the attention of design savvy Scandinavians, who are “both style and quality conscious and pay attention to the details of the designs.” Top fashion bloggers, fashion personalities, artists and celebrities are also wearing Tom Wood jewellery. The Patriot collection (in particular) is favoured by Norwegian blogger and magazine editor Celine Aargard, who is rarely seen not wearing a piece of Tom Wood jewellery.

As for the future of the brand, Mona has big things planned. Whilst continuing developing the jewellery collection, clothing and footwear collections are also in the works, due for release in 2015. Tom Wood is also collaborating with blogger Evangeline Smyrniotaki of Style Heroine. The two will release a capsule collection, which will be in stores in September.

The instant success of Tom Wood can only be attributed to Mona’s strong work ethic. “At this point I am working day and night and do not have time to sit down and dwell. With all the positive feedback the brand has generated I am filled with energy to continue moving the brand forward.” There is a lot to look forward to and be excited about at the creative end of the brand. 

Words: Rebecca Hughes