The Öresund summer that was...

Melbourne will always be Wolf’s number one city, it’s the home lair and it’s the place we’ll always know best. Yet Wolf has another hang out, the Öresund region in Scandinavia. 

To call an entire region home may sound far fetched, but by existing in this area you become accustomed to the notion that all is close and all is accessible. The region runs from Copenhagen in the South West corner to Malmö in the East, to Helsingborg in the North and across to Helsingör to the West, creating a circle around the most highly trafficked waterway in Europe. 

The region is accessed through connecting trains and ferries that complete the circle from Sweden to Denmark making it possible to make a trip from one country to the other in around twenty minutes.  There are so many different points of interest in the region; the canals, festival and nightlife of Copenhagen, to the rough creative flare of Malmö. World-class institutions such as Louisiana, the Danish Design Museum, Moderna Museet in Malmö and of course, Hamlet’s castle Kronborg in Helsingör matched with the Swedish king’s summer house at Sofiero in Helsingborg.

Summer is now coming to a close in Scandinavia and the calendar of events is thinning down to its usual hibernated state to prepare for next summer. The past few months have shown a different kind of Öresund, one whose memory will continue to warm the heart long into the depths of winter. Wolf reflects on the summer that was. 

Words & photography: Ash Francisco