The Fabulous FM Belfast

The lovely Lóa Hlín Hjálmtýsdóttir of FM Belfast gives interview responses so divine, Wolf could laminate every single one. Read on!


Mr. Wolf is an enormous fan, how does it feel having such a wide ranging/ far reaching/ diverse audience?

Wow, thank you for the compliment. The only feeling I can think of is gratitude towards the people that have supported us over the years. It's not something we take for granted. It's been a slow build up.

You’ve been praised for a fantastic stage presence and a brilliant live show. What is your favourite thing about playing live and touring? 

Again, thank you. My favorite thing about touring is of course seeing new people and new places. I'm also a big fan of sitting in cars and either playing video games or playing stupid games and having conversations about everything and nothing with the rest of the band. My favorite part about the live shows is when I forget where I am and just go with the atmosphere. I also like when something new happens, someone invents something or something random happens.

What has been the most bizarre show you’ve ever played? Do you have a favourite place to tour?

The most bizarre was when all our equipment stopped working at the same time and suddenly a saxophone player appeared on stage wearing only white clothes. He did some really nice improvisation with a rapping guy that is not a part of the band either.

Then Árni managed to fix everything and we could finish the show. My favorite place to tour is... hmm I'm not sure. All places have their pros and cons I guess. Germany has always been very kind to us but Turkey is more exotic for us. I love France and I'm a big Scando- and Americanophile... if those are words. My dream is to go to Japan and also South America.

What comes into play when you write lyrics and start composing a new song?

Influences come from here and there. I can't really narrow it down. It's mostly things that happens to us or stories we've heard. Sometimes it's just fictional. I can't answer for all of us but when I'm doing lyrics I like making up stories, inventing it as I go along. But sometimes we only use portions of the stories, just the sentences we like. And we add on to each other's lyrics all the time.

What is it about the music scene in Reykjavik that is producing such fabulous bands?

It's very easy to be a big fish in a small pond over here. Our modern music culture derives from Do-It-Yourself attitude of the Punks. This means that you don't really have to know anything, just do something. We have of course bands with people that have studied music... I'm just talking about the over all attitude and I'm sort of talking out of my ass here. I don't really know the answer to this question.

What has been your favourite moment with FM Belfast?

We've  had so many fun

moments. Going to Austin to play at SXSW was incredible. A few years ago we were playing at a festival in Germany where the late LCD Soundsystem played and we could watch it from the wings of the stage. It was unbelievable. I saw Fever Ray in France, that was really beautiful. We played with Tune Yards at some small French venues in towns I hadn't even heard about. I was completely blown away. We saw Flaming Lips for the first time in Poland and saw Wayne Coyne orchestrate a human pyramid in the hotel lobby afterwards. I was star struck and just stood there and stared like a dork.  When our last album was released we played in Paris and the people in the audience were the most welcoming people on Earth. Once a few Italian people brought a homemade tiramisu to our studio because they liked the band. It was the sweetest thing.. also the tiramisu was great. We got to sleep in boats in Holland and Denmark.... I really liked answering this question, it made me think of all these nice memories!

(I’m sorry you must get asked this all the time!) How did the name come about?

No worries. I'm sorry, we don't have a cool story for the name. It was a name for an imaginary band we had. The name came up while sitting in a car, waiting. TA-DAH! This story should be laminated.

What’s on the horizon for FM Belfast?

Finishing our third album would be great. We are playing at festivals all summer but are still organizing the winter.

Words: Laura Phillips