Sweet Sneak Copenhagen 

In nature a wolf usually wouldn’t meet a fox, but the Danish capital of Copenhagen made it happen. Finley the Fox, an enthusiast about a little treat every now and then, was created by five girls as a symbol of their idea of a pop-up bakery called “Sweet Sneak”. So Mr Wolf came together with Brini from Austria and Martje, Katrin, Theresa and Antje from Germany for a very inspiring chat about how a small idea can grow stunningly fast. The five bakerettes explain more...

…how the idea for a pop-up bakery came up

We all came to Copenhagen to study two years ago and we didn’t know each other before. Then pretty quickly we found out that everyone of us had the idea to maybe open a café at some point. Of course you don’t just found a café right away but we were all pretty certain that we wanted to do something fun next to our studies. We also discovered our shared passion for baking which is quite a cosy thing especially in winter when it gets cold and dark up here in Denmark. But we noticed that when you bake a whole cake at home, then you won’t finish it by yourself and if you bring it somewhere and eat it in between it’s pretty unromantic. So we came up with the idea to have a pop-up bakery. The good thing about it is that you don’t need a café or any fix location – you can just bake and share that with your friends. So that was the basic idea: To share cosiness and being together.

…how Finley the Fox was born

We sat down in a café and had some brainstorming sessions over the name and we pretty quickly agreed on the name “Sweet Sneak” because of the aspect of sneaking into new places that you didn‘t know before. Then we agreed on the fox as well and after some drafts we had the final version and his name, Finley the Fox.

…how the first event was organised

As soon as we had settled all that we set up a fan page and started inviting all of our friends while just hinting at what the event was about. The first event was in one of our apartments, so it was very, very private and we didn’t know if anybody would show up, although Facebook said we would have over hundred attendants! We had a lot of cakes baked, we waited but people actually did come!

…how the concept works 

Basically the concept that we have kept is to create a Facebook event with a save-the-date invitation about two weeks before an event and then the exact location is only announced the day before, then guests can come and choose from a big buffet of sweets. We've already had events at a lot of different locations - one was on the rooftop of a public playground for example and we didn’t ask anybody for permission but it all worked. All in all it evolved quite naturally. A highlight for us was the Roskilde Festival this year which we were invited to very spontaneously. 

…how to prepare cakes for 200 people in your own home.

The point is that we can’t meet all together because we need a lot of ovens, so we have to bake at home. It’s at least one if not two days of baking for each of us and then all the additional stuff like grocery shopping, meeting up with people for the locations, setting everything up the same day and all those little things. So one can say that it’s at least one week of hard work before the event starts - but we are not complaining! 

…what kind of recipes they use 

We have a big pool of evergreen recipes like grandmothers apple crumble. There is also a couple of other classics that we always use and that people actually expect by now - like brownies, carrot cake or macarons. But we experiment a lot with things like cupcakes and according to the seasons. Now in fall we had a fig and honey cupcakes for example, and then we always have to do a lot of research and of course taste a lot of cakes!

…how they plan to go on with their idea

We absolutely want to take it further. People are always giving us such nice feedback and we have learned so much from the pop-up events. It’s not just the baking obviously but it’s everything around it - the conceptual thinking, the branding and the story telling. The cool thing is that we started with the idea and the passion for it and everything else came along, but we wanted to do it properly. Now we even get contacted by companies who ask us because they see that we create an experience, otherwise they could also go to a professional bakery, people come for the event and because it’s something special, and that is something we would like to continue being. It’s not an option not to do it.

Words: Alexander Ballas
Photography: Sweet Sneak 

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