There is nothing Mr. Wolf hates more than getting caught in a downpour; it makes his fur stand up on end, literally. Lucky for Wolf, he never needs to worry about frizzy fur problems again, thanks to the stylish designs by the people at Stutterheim.

The story of the Stutterheim raincoat starts with the brooding melancholy of Alexander Stutterheim himself. His state of self-reflection drove him to look at those around him and he noticed something; no one in the city seemed properly equipped for the rainy weather.

Shortly after, Alexander rediscovered his grandfather’s old raincoat in an abandoned barn near Arholma. His grandfather was an avid fisherman and a passionate poet who said that fishing was something like the quest for life. With this traditional fisherman’s raincoat in hand, Alexander returned home, determined to create an updated version of the garment for the modern man and woman.

After experimenting with different designs and materials the prototype for the Stutterheim raincoat was finalised. The first 200 coats, dubbed the Arholma Svart, were manufactured and sold at Alexander’s own apartment. In the first few months, the business flourished, solidifying Alexander’s ambition to create the ideal raincoat, perfect for a drizzle or a downpour.

These days, the headquarters of Stutterheim is the flagship store in Stockholm. However, increasing international expansion means that you can find Stutterheim raincoats at over 150 retailers worldwide, from Europe to Australasia.

The success of the Stutterheim must be put down to its quality, practicality, and durability. The coats are tested in the harshest conditions, on land and at sea, to ensure you are getting a coat that will keep you dry no matter what the weather. Each piece has a thick, rubberised-cotton outer, double-welded seams and press-stud closure. Once completed, the coats are individually numbered and signed by the seamstresses to ensure the highest standards of quality are kept.

At the heart of Stutterheim is the melancholy that inspired its creation. This is not a melancholy to be confused with depression but a melancholy that inspires creation, that causes us to question the world we live in, and to explore our own potential. And what could be more melancholic than a thoughtful walk in the rain? Stutterheim is not only a product, but also an idea, a call to embrace our melancholy by embracing the rain.

Thus, Alexander’s initial desire to recreate his grandfather’s raincoat has led to the birth of something beautiful; a classic and durable product that could just be the only raincoat you will ever need.

Pictured are the Arholma Grön, Arholma Blå, and Stockholm Gul. For information on products and stockists, visit:






Words: Annie Ferguson
Photography: Jesse Laitinen