Spot: a window into the music of the North.

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Wolf caught up with Gunnar Madsen, head of Spot Festival, to talk about this unique festival held in Aarhus, Denmark. The two day festival uses a unique tactic of recruiting journalists, bloggers, music professionals and musicians to select the showcased line-up of artist, which helps establish a sense of collaboration and inclusion, supporting up and coming artist, while also giving attendee’s the impression that they are witnessing something unknown, rare and exciting. 

Gunnar had the realisation after witnessing the change in the Nordic music scene during the nineties, that if Nordic music was going to stay relevant it needed to get global. Enter the creative mindset behind Spot festival. As Gunnar explained, throughout the nineties ”The industry was mainly focused on making "easy money" on "old artists" with best of and stuff like that. We wanted to work with the international challenges and also to develop new artists.”

Using the festival as a central meeting point, Gunnar and the crew have created a musical public relations dream by attracting talented artists, but also influential industry professionals, selling the festival as an exclusive opportunity to network and for industry professionals to be more involved in the process from the start of a musician’s career. By recognising the change in traditional music sales, Spot takes the initiative to create a interactive platform of promotion not only for artist but also those who work within the music industry.

So how does Gunnar seeing Spot going forward? “We hope to develop a broader platform for different, but related creative environments and industries… and expect to develop national cultural infrastructures, so they can adapt to the challenges of new consumers and new ways of communication to share art and creativity.” Sounds like a great plan to us!

Words: Ash Francisco
Photography: Spot Festival