Skrekkøgle Design

 Mr. Wolf recently had the opportunity to interview Lars Marcus Vedeler, one half of the design duo, Skrekkøgle. Despite being a little camera shy, Lars, aka lovemuffin84, is in no way timid, and he speaks passionately about the bold interactive design ideas that are being pioneered by himself and Theo Tveterås.

Long before Skrekkøgle began Lars and Theo were studying together at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Despite their distinctly different working process, Lars and Theo shared a mutual understanding and an equal passion for experimentation with interactive design. After completing their studies the pair moved into a run-down apartment in the centre of Oslo and began working for a software company. It was during this time that they founded Skrekkøgle.

Mr. Wolf is particularly interested in Skrekkøgle’s most recent project, DURR, a watch-like bracelet that shivers every five minutes. In the words of Lars, the project started as a ‘quick and dirty half-hour prototype’. The bracelet was intended to be an exploration into the subjective perception of time passing. For example, how fast can five minutes feel? Or, how slow can the same five minutes feel to another person? Lars and Theo developed the prototype into a final product that perfectly exemplified their passion for immaculate and clever design. Available in five different colours, the DURR quickly sold out and has been a popular feature on several design blogs and magazines, including Wolf Team favourite Design Boom.

When it comes to the design choices of Skrekkøgle, the boys favour basic geometry, bright colours and interesting combinations of materials, such as the inclusion of cork in their interactive radio project PLUGG.

Despite their clean design aesthetic, Lars does not consider the projects of Skrekkøgle to be heavily influenced by the art and design history of Scandinavia. He says, ‘Our history and culture is acknowledged at some level, but maybe more as a reflection of a Scandinavian “mood” – kind of modest and reserved. It doesn’t feel right to talk about contemporary national design traditions anymore. Location is not relevant when everything is present, everywhere, all the time.’

These days, the business of Skrekkøgle is supported directly from commissions, mostly in web design for small business. This funds the independent projects produced by Lars and Theo. All of their projects are limited edition, which Lars puts down to ‘economy and attention span’.

In the coming months Lars and Theo will be working on producing a DURR Beta. Make sure you stay updated for your chance to pick up edition two of these slick, shivering timepieces. Visit for more info.

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Words: Annie Ferguson