Let's Wait a Little Longer  - Pleasant 


In the epoch of speedy exchanges and technology driving all of us further and further to the limits of our patience to even the inevitable lack of it, there lies a rather kind and peculiar charm that could be affixed to waiting.  And this is the reality that rests on the shoulders of the dynamic duo behind the up-and-coming surf label Pleasant—Rasmus Boesen and Marc Berliner.

From 2012, the initial time wherein Pleasant was established, Rasmus and Marc share that through the years, they have realised that within the equation of their love for surfing also comes waiting. Both residing in Copenhagen, in pursuit of the sport, they have to wait for the waves and figure out which place to travel to, only to surf and be one with the waves. So, in the process, they have come to think that waiting becomes a big part of it, and Pleasant happens to be an integration of this so-called reality.
As they wait for the waves, a considerable amount of time is spent in anticipation and Pleasant mirrors this simple philosophy. The two believe that waiting doesn’t have to be so bad, it can actually be a pleasurable experience that will eventually get us to where we want to be. They add that a multitude of situations could possibly come into play like “waiting for a bus” to “waiting to finish your master’s degree in Rocket Science". Of course the other possibilities could be endless and that ain’t so bad either.
Furthermore, matters concerning the label, from its design to its branding and marketing, revolve around the catchphrase “make waiting pleasant.” Moreover, each new collection Pleasant creates expresses this philosophy.


On an interesting side note, Marc and Rasmus have known each other since they were six and have been buddies ever since. You could say inseparable! Aside from being colleagues, they are also best buddies who think alike and somewhere along the lines “only fight to agree in the end.” In result, Pleasant is also a chronicle of this tight-knit brotherhood and their shared passion for surfing.


Their constant exploration of places, alongside their passion for surfing, has directed the two to regard the Philippines as their second home. With the memories and friends they have made, this second home even more convenient for them. It’s these friendships that they’ve made in the Phillipines that have encouraged them to continue and develop their production there.  
Pleasant also takes pride in being one of the few labels to consider production in the Philippines. In this case, the products are designed in Denmark and production takes place in Manila. On top of all this, their annual visits to Manila to oversee production also transpires into something fun. The duo also gets their thirst for wild waves and warm water while in the Philippines, making work for them seem like play,  they add that, ”This rhythm has been a part of our lifestyle for the past 6 years, and it is an important part of our creative process.”

Wolf correspondent Gian Cruz sits down with Rasmus and Marc to find out more…

How did the two of you started working together on your own label?
We have tried to conquer the world together since we were kids. Back then, we wanted to compete against Walt Disney with his drawings. Later on, our interest in visual expression made us start the t-shirt brand Risa in 2008, and in 2012, when we graduated, we used all our previous experience from Risa to start Pleasant.

Was there anything in particular that triggered its creation?
We actually came up with the concept behind Pleasant on a surf trip. We have a beach house on the west coast of Denmark, which gives us shelter when waves are good. We were probably excited about finally catching some surf, and began to philosophise about the waiting time related to surfing.

Any Scandinavian personalities in art, fashion, music or film who inspire the two of you?
Scandinavia is full of talents, like any other corner of the world. In general, any person, who’s really in tune with his/her passion and profession, is inspiring to follow. Meanwhile, Marc’s brother Jacob Kampp is half of Soulland, and he has of course been a very inspiring big brother.
In art, we’re both keen on HuskMitNavn, who has dominated the Danish street art scene since we were young. To this day, his creativity shows no limit, and he can still manage to pack up a surprise to the public.

What is particularly or innately Scandinavian about the label especially with its own aesthetic?
You can say Pleasant is a Scandinavian surf brand to make it more interesting. Surf aesthetic is generally very colorful and unrestrained meanwhile the Scandinavian aesthetic is minimalistic, grey and simple. And Pleasant is half of both. We try to mix Scandinavia and its minimalistic fashion with the vibe of famous surf spots like Hawaii or California. The mix between the two makes our brand more relaxed compared to most Scandinavian labels.

Tell us about your company’s slogan: “make pleasant waiting.”
Make waiting pleasant means to enjoy the moments that take you where you want to be. The phrase can refer to any occasion that involves a time in waiting. For us, it’s about how we spend a lot of time waiting to travel somewhere to go surfing. If you think about it, life is a lot about waiting.

Add something to this phrase: Sea, Sun  &  ___________________.
Waiting ;)

Are there any exciting new things we could expect from Pleasant in the coming soon?
Pleasant’s A/W 14 collection is what’s coming up next. It’s a small collection focusing on the transition between waiting and achieving what you’re waiting for. In this case, it’s about leaving home when it gets cold, and arriving somewhere sunny and warm. The collection also uses a lot of references to nature to illustrate the shift between two climates.


At present, Pleasant operates between Denmark and the Philippines by way of its respective online shops to each country.  Although, chiefly serving an online curated space for the label’s pieces and particular sphere, a few occasional pop-up shops make things interesting.
Recently, Afura, an online menswear shop from Amsterdam, set-up a pop-up store with Pleasant’s S/S 14 collection. Meanwhile, a lot of things are still in the works for the future such as a shop within a shop in Manila. For now though, be sure to be on the lookout for the occasional pop-up store or new points of sales online. The two unveil that they’ll be collaborating with Dutch artist Hedof, which will be a bit of humour, adventure, and most certainly creativity.
Throughout my on and off correspondence with Marc and Rasmus through the past months, I did pick up a new habit from the dynamic duo. Like how Marc and Rasmus would end things, they’d always greet you with “have a pleasant day!” and I’d like to wish you one as well, in the mean time, let’s give it a try and “make waiting pleasant.” Waiting with a bright disposition just like Pleasant’s collections is also a good thing to consider.

More: pleasant.dk, pleasant.ph

Words and photography: Gian Cruz