Nordic Late Summer Mixtape

Nordic music has linked Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland & Iceland into a musical force to be reckoned with. Sharing a common love for live acoustics and alternative soundscapes, variety is their specialism as they bring to us their unexpected and uniquely crafted genres into outstanding tracks. Iceland mix folk and electronica like no other, crafting their far out music into unique orchestrations. Denmark is carrying indie through a new revival and so is Finland, marrying folk psychedelia with Norway's dream pop. Sweden's female fronted bands haven't sounded this good since the 80's, sharing a thirst for electronic and hip hop remixes across the country. Renown for long winter darkness, Wolf brings the North to light, not with a best of list, but a compilation of fifty-one summer cuts and remixes that will keep you going throughout those long summer nights or cold Southern Hemisphere days.

1. Little Dragon – Klapp Klapp    

2. I Break Horses & CSLSX – Denial / Violent Sea  

3. Mariam The Believer – Invisible Giving 

4. Brian Batz/Sleep Party People – Chin 

5. Barry Adrewsin Disko - 

6. Goat - Hide From The Sun

7. The Knife  -  Without You my Lif Would Be 

8. MAASAI - Memories  

9. El Perro Del Mar - Våroffer(Alla Vill Ha) 

10. Death Hawks - Black Acid 

11. The Underground - Youth Tokyo Blue 

12. The Black Lizard - Boundaries 

13. Blaueblumedk – Lost Boys Of Sons  

14. Beastmilk – Love In A Cold World 

15. Ulige Numre – København 

16. First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining 

17. Dråpe -  Wash Away  

18. Jakko Eino Kalevi - No End   

19. Daniel Ögren – Brobergs

20. Christian Gabel - This Is Head AB version Remix 

21. Nelsoncan –  Can Go Low 

22. LOVELOVELOVE – Eye See You 

23. School - Easier 

24. Júníus Meyvant – Colour Decay 

25. Regina – Mustavalkeaa 

26. Electric Eye – Tangerine

27. French Films – Latter Days 

28. Röyksopp – Something In My Heart (feat.  Jamie Irrepresible) 

29. Lykkie Li – No rest for the wicked (A$AP Rocky) 

30. Lido - MØ – Walk This Way Remix

31. Mapei - Don't Wait  

32. Sekuoia - Drake Too Much Remix  

33. KIII J – Bullet 

34. IBERIA – Swansea  

35. Sailorandi - Turn around (Âme Remix)

36. Kygo – I See Fire  

37. The Radio Dept. - Heaven' On Fire 

38. Sisi – The Sun 

39. When Saints Go Machine – Iodine  

40. Astrid Engberg  – Ouaga Noma (Blanka/AE) 

41. NIVA - Ouaga Noma (Blanka/AE)

42. Vinjette – Yuno 

43. World Tour -  Surreal 

44. Miguel “Sure Thing” (ELOQ Remix)  

45. AutoLaser – ODEZA – Sun Model  

46. Björk: I Go Humble  

47. Brödet Brinner - Alex Room 

48. Sigrid Rabbe -  Two Fish  

49. 1987 – Alice Boman - Waiting Remix  

50. DNKL – Battles  

51. Sigur Ros- Kveikur 

This mix tape is just a tiny microcosm of the vast talent Nordic music has to offer, from death metal to post punk Holograms, trip-hip hop and step electronic Cashmere Cat, this is one chapter for more mix tapes to come, with other genres for other seasons. If you would like to provide your own positive input and introduce us to new nordic and Scandinavian music, we will be open for it in the next chapter.


Labels: Adrian Recordings/Bolero/Birdswillsingforyou/Fullsteam/Soliti/Riot Factory/Propeller Records/Svart Records, 88mph_booking/Fuzz Club Records/JaJaJaRecords/Rabid Records/Soliti/Kakao Musikk/Antiphonics/Beyond Records, Haaland, Eidsvag & Strom, Records Records, Labrador Records.


List complied and introduction by: Kirsten Sibbles