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Mr. Wolf turns 1!

This week Mr. Wolf celebrated his first birthday - that's one year since the launch of the first edition! What a difference one year makes! Our team has grown, as has our scope and distribution map. We look forward to the coming year and we want to give our sincere thanks to everyone that has supported us. 

Some of our favourite shots from the Edition One Launch Party. Head to the Journal of Nordic Style for more.

Mit Vergnügen

Mr. Wolf has been a regular guest on the coffee tables of distinguished individuals at home and abroad. Here he is teamed with his perfect match; an Ethiopian blend from JB Coffee, courtesy of German culture & lifestyle blog Mit Vergnügen. Read on.

Correction Note

Edition One: Fine Art with Magnus Jensner.

Correction: Magnus Jensner is Chief Curator since March 2012 at Artipelag, a newly opened private Kunsthalle just outside ofStockholm. John Peter Nilsson is the new director of Moderna Museet Malmö since March 2012.

Click Festival

The count down is on and the ferry tickets purchased, Mr. Wolf is going on a little excursion to Helsingør. Home of Hamlet’s castle, cheap beer bodegas and on the 8th to the 12th of May, the annual new media art and music festival, Click. The eclectic mix of expressionist mediums come together to create a barrage of creativity that is sure to be tasty.  The organizers describe their event as ‘a creative and potent platform for artists, engineers and anyone interested in the exploration of new media art and technology’ - we cannot wait to jump ship and see how this all comes together!

Word on the street about Click is minimal from what we have heard and it seems that Click is at that fabulous stage of a festival’s life cycle where it is still relatively incognito, the hype is minimal, the money grabbing is absent and the attendees are there for art, not a social status. As a true celebration of alternative artistic expression, the festival has definitely caught our attention, and the lack of established street cred lures our curiosity even more!

Click is spread over four days and located in Helsingør’s ode to modernism, Kulturværftet or The Culture Yard, and includes a line up and program which is both diverse and intriguing. We can’t wait to see the eclectic sounds of The Gaslamp Killer or Sweden’s own Lust for Youth, while we're enthusiastic to experience the work of artist such as Dror Feiler, the Swedish-Isreali activists who had his work famously vandalized by the Isreali ambassador to Sweden in 2004. As well as Mexican born Swedish local Geraldine Juãrez, Swedish artist Goto80 and experiencing Sune TB Neilson’s ‘Elevated audio workshop’ which promises to be an intriguing sample of conceptual sound and performance. 

Mr Wolf will be offering comprehensive coverage of Click to make you feel like you were in attendance and ahead of the pack, stay close, read often. 

Ash Francisco is our lady on the ground.