New York: Nordic Food Festival 

A five-day Nordic food bonanza is about to hit New York next week. The North Food Festival, 12 – 19 September, is not only serving up top-notch Norwegian seafood and innovative Swedish craft beer, how about a Nordic hot dog championship anyone?!

Mr. Wolf has had a peek at the programme and picked out the festival’s five most drool worthy events. 

1. Nordic Hot Dog Championship
If you go on a road trip through Norway, or any other Scandinavian country, stop at a gas station and you will quickly find that the only culinary option to settle that rumbling tummy is a hot dog. Norwegians enjoy hot dogs (pølser) any way they can and are happy to grill them on a disposable BBQ in the park or as snacking on one while stuck in traffic. Making artisanal hot dogs with real ingredients is, however, a recent trend. Following that cue, the championship chefs will seek to create their best interpretation of the Nordic hot dog. For $49 dollars you’ll get to sample the results, as well as quench your thirst in the open bar. And the winner is….?
Brooklyn Brewery, 15. September 6 PM. $49.

2. North Opening Cocktail Party
Ok, so the opening party is technically speaking an invite only event. But potentially if you are creative enough, there is always a way to get your name on the list, and who doesn’t want to sip cocktails with the Nordic culinary A-team?
North Pop-up, 12. September 7 PM. Invite Only.

3. The Nordic Street Food Festival
While New York is a street food mecca, Nordic urbanites are just starting to grasp the fun and deliciousness of food trucks and on-the-go meals. The street food festival, hosted at the Brooklyn Brewery, will see Nordic chefs, such as Sami Tallberg and Frida Ronge, prove that Nordic street food has potential to be more than just a whim. Come and taste small bits of Scandinavian favourites, the festival will be open to the public all day.
Brooklyn Brewery, 14. September 12 PM. Free.

4. Coffee The Swedish Way
Did you know that when the Swedes go out for coffee, they call it a fika? This is your opportunity to savour a complimentary cup or two – the Swedish way. The clever baristas will also teach you how to brew your own cup of perfectness. Gevalia Kaffe House is hosting the event, so be sure to come early before the samples runs out!
North Pop-up, 13. September 10 AM. Free.

 5. Cooking Class – Nordic grandma cooking with Chef Sasu Laukkonen
A Michelin starred chef teaching us how to make Finish grandma-style dishes? Yes, please! Chef Sasu Laukkonen is obsessed with grandma cooking, and will teach the attendees traditional Nordic dishes that existed long before NOMA entered the scene. This is the way Nordic food is supposed to taste.
The International Culinary Centre. 13. September 12 PM. $149. 

To see the full programme, and score tickets, visit

Words: Lene Haugerud 
Photography: North Food Festival