Melkeveien, aka Kristian Møller Johansen, is one busy guy. Co-founder of Norweigan record label Dødpop and recently collaborating with artists such as Oddateee, Marcus Price, and Sadat X, of the legendary hip-hop group Brand Nubian, Melkeveinen certainly has a lot going on. Releasing his debut album after an extensive career as a solo artist and one half of the Scandinavian synth duo, Mother North, the first single off his upcoming LP, Peter Pan Death Wish is co-produced with Embret Johnsen and is sure to cause a stir.
Nordic by Nature take us to the source....  

Photo by Magnus Eidem

Photo by Magnus Eidem

Video directed, animated and edited by Gerda Klotz. Compositing by Flo Sturm. Music by Melkeveien. Dødpop 2012
Coverart of "Peter Pan Death Wish"  by PJ de Villiers

Coverart of "Peter Pan Death Wish"  by PJ de Villiers

Article: Ash Francisco

What got you started?

What got me started with playing music was my mum and dad buying me a bass guitar and paying for lessons when I was a kid. Later in my teens I went on to develop an interest for making music on computers. I fell madly in love with Fasttracker 2 back in the late 90’s. Nowadays I'm more into hardware. 

If you had the chance to do a duet with one artist, who would it be?

Who would be your dream fan?
Basically anyone who comes to my shows, buys my records and helps spreading the gospel of Melkeveien.

Who was the last interesting person you encountered in the past 24 hours?
Embret Johnsen. A true wizard! He co-produced my latest single Peter Pan Death Wish, and is also co-producing some of my forthcoming stuff. We become an unstoppable furious force of funk when we make music together. 

What are your three favourite tracks at the moment?
André Bratten’s, 'Aegis', 
James Brown’s 'Stone to the Bone'
the recording of Tiny Tim performing 'Earth Angel' on the Ed Sullivan Show.

If you could play at or attend any European festival, which one would be at the top of your list?
I'd love to play the Unsound Festival in Krakow again.

Do you have any weird rituals before jumping on stage?
I usually have a couple of beers while listening to a song called 'Borghild' by a Norwegian band named Vazelina Bilopphöggers. It sets the mood, gets me going and makes me feel at home if I need to. I’m not too fancy.

If you had the chance to send a message to musicians of the future, let's say 2020, what would you say?
I would say "Greetings! My name is Biff Tannen and I'm here to steal all of your futuristic space instruments and them bring back to 2014 so I can make millions."

What are you doing or where do you feel the most inspired/creative/radical? 
Everything from looking at pretty girls to eating good food, but mostly the time spent in my studio late at night or early in the morning working hard and focused on something. And fishing, also late at night or early in the morning. Luckily my studio is just a quick two minute walk away from the great lake Mjøsa.

Talk us through the best performance or show you've seen? Where was it and why was it so good?
That one’s easy. Seeing Fleetwood Mac perform at the O2 Arena in Berlin. A night I’ll never forget. My good friend and colleague, Sprutbass, had got a hold of tickets with VERY good seats. The sound was perfect! A concert that made many a grown man shed a tear. I became a born again Fleetwood Mac fan that evening.

Being a musician is an extra bonus skill, right? Tell us something that you're embarrassingly unskilled at?What do you mean "bonus skill"?! Being a musician is hard work and dedication! I'm a horrible ice skater. I love hockey as a sport, but when I play it's like Bambi on Ice, only it's not Bambi, it's Shrek with a hockey stick. I still enjoy it though.

How do you know when your work is finished? 
Wasn’t there some renaissance man who once said that "art is never finished, only abandoned"? I guess I agree with that. 

What's coming up? Albums, Tours, etc.
I’m currently planning to release a new single in September before my full length debut album drops in November. Hopefully there will be a short euro-tour to promote the album before a longer one in both Europe and the US in 2015.