Flåm Valley, Norway

In the Flåm Valley, Norway, each year over seven hundred thousand people flock to the area to ride its renown railway. With only three hundred people residing in the valley permanently, it is safe to say that the Flåm Valley is heavily reliant on sightseer interest and railway aficionados. The railway is one of the steepest lines in Norway and covers eight-hundred and sixty-four meters of elevation, starting at Aurlandsfjord station at the valley floor to Myrdal at the top. The valley is somewhat of a natural wonderland, suffering at times from the force of mother nature. Although it is rare nowadays to be cut off from the world while in the Flåm Valley, only fifty years ago it was quite easy to be snowed in and cut off from Bergen and Oslo. With winter temperatures of between ten to minus twenty its a place of unbridled natural beauty, oh so Norway!

Photographer Marie Peyre shares her photographic journey with Wolf....