Blogger Love: Maria Laitinen

Maria is a stylist and photographer specialising in food and interior styling. Originally from Finland, she has lived in Australia for nearly ten years. Today, Wolf talks to Maria about her fabulous food blog, ScandiFoodie, and her online store, Pikku-Kota. We want to know, what does it take to bring an authentic taste of Finland down under?

I was born and bred in a small town in Lapland, Finland. I came to Australia in 2005 and ended up staying here. My professional background is geography, but I have spent the last few years working as a prop stylist and doing a bit of photography on the side. I am passionate about Nordic food and design, and I proudly promote both these interests in my new home country.

Australians are fascinated by Finland – I suppose it seems so far away and remote – not to mention cold! There are no Finnish restaurants in Sydney, which is why I started re-creating the dishes in my own kitchen and blogging about them. I was surprised how many people around the world are interested in Nordic cuisine. 

I started my online store, Pikku-Kota, because I wanted to bring the beautiful handcrafted items from my home region to Australia. I love the natural materials and traditional designs used to make these items, and I think they can add a unique touch to any home. Quite a few of the products available are handmade by small companies in Finland or Sweden. This is an aspect I definitely wanted to emphasise and embrace.

Words: Sharman Tanny