Louisiana Literature Festival 2014

Wolf was fortunate enough to experience the 5th annual Louisiana Literature Festival this weekend, enjoying the usual creativity that is inherent when visiting Louisiana, while experiencing the world of authorship through talks, interviews and readings.

If you have not been to, or heard of Louisiana, this is one very special location. Nestled next to the sea, an hour or so north of Copenhagen, Louisiana is one of the Öresund’s prime cultural assets and is continually proving why the gallery has become a Danish institution. 

The Louisiana Literature Festival is just one aspect of the museum’s busy annual schedule, bringing together the different principals of which Louisiana is known for. Talks and author interviews occur throughout the grounds of the museum, utilising different spaces to intensify and coincide with the experience.

Enjoying the variation of interviews, panel discussions and unique presentations of literary art, one particular highlight was the poetry reading from Peter Laugesen, involving 3 piece jazz set up that added depth, drama and emotion to the spoken word. Highly sought after jazz drummer Jim Black from Brooklyn in the US made the experience even more unique.

Legendary sci-fi author Margaret Atwood impressed the crowds that had lined up for over two hours to see her, drawing them in with her sass and humour. Alaa Al-Aswany was endearing while discussing the process of developing the characters in his new book The Automotive Club of Egypt. He humorously admitted that once his characters have been constructed, he feels like a passive observer to the continuing reel of their lives within his mind.

Of course there were many authors of note, but that is to be expected at a Louisiana literature event. Wolf was impressed and proud of the large number of people who obviously hold literature close to their heart and endeavour to engage with the art form beyond the written word.

With the diversity of presentations and locations throughout the museum, Wolf is excited for next year’s festival. Content with the knowledge of continued variation, this was a truly inimitable event that, in Wolf’s opinion, speaks to and justifies the cultural reputation of the Louisiana Museum of Modern art.

To find out more, read about authors in attendance or get to know Louisiana visit their site. 

Words & photography: Ash Francisco