C I T Y  G U I D E

Leyla Bäckman on Stockholm 

Leyla Bäckman is the Assistant Buyer for Cheap Monday's collection. Based in Stockholm, Leyla introduces her city.

I work at Cheap Monday, a denim and fashion brand based in Stockholm. I am the assistant buyer for the collection, which means I work with all the clothes except the jeans, both the female and male line. It’s a great job and a great company!

I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second city. I moved to Stockholm about two years ago to do an internship, and suddenly I found myself rooted here. My favourite area of Stockholm is definitely Södermalm. I live and work there, and most of my friends live there. I hardly ever leave.

Where is your favourite place for: 
a. Coffee
KAFFE at St Paulsgatan 17 (metro Slussen). Great coffee and nice toasts for very reasonable prices along with wonderful staff. Remember to bring cash though!

b. Cocktails
My favourite bar is definitely Babylon (Björns Trädgårdsgränd 4, metro Medborgarplatsen), but if I was on the hunt for a spectacular cocktail I would go downtown to Nobis Hotel (Norrmalmstorg 2-4, metro Östermalmstorg) or Ljunggren on Södermalm (Götgatan 36, metro Slussen).

c. Views
At the top of Skatteskrapan is this really cheesy bar called Och Himlen Därtill. It sort of feels like one of those weird “cruise ships” that goes between Sweden and Finland, but the view is great! (Götgatan 78, metro Medborgarplatsen)

If the weather is nice, I bring a picnic to Vitabergsparken, sit in the grass and enjoy the view over Södermalm and Årsta.

If you had a free afternoon in Stockholm what would you do?
When I have a free afternoon, I usually try to visit a few second hand shops for shopping and inspiration.
Some of my favourites are:
- Emmaus (Peter Myndes backe 8, metro Slussen)
- Humana (Timmermansgatan 23, metro Mariatorget)
Stadsmissionen (Hornsgatan 58, metro Mariatorget)

What would be your ideal night out in Stockholm?
My ideal night out would probably start at Restaurant Sardin, a tapas restaurant with good prices and charming staff. Sardin has very few tables, so make sure you are here on time! (Skånegatan 79, metro Medborgarplatsen)

I would go on to Bar Babylon for a few drinks before heading towards the central city. We usually stop by Kåken, a smallish bar with a great terrace. Kåken charges no cover fee, but is usually very crowded, so arrive pretty early if you want to make sure that they will let you in. (Regeringsgatan 66, metro Hötorget)

Leyla at home

When Kåken closes at 2, there’s not many alternatives close by. Usually we go to Spy Bar to round the night off. But beware, the cover is around 150SEK and it can be really tricky to even be let in. (Birger Jarlsgatan 20, metro Östermalmstorg)

How would you spend your ideal weekend?
During the summer my ideal weekend would be spent by the beach somewhere, like Långholmen or Hellasgården, maybe driving out of town to some flea market on the country side. But right now I am just trying to survive the winter; meeting up with friends and sleeping in. And there’s always an exhibition to visit or a concert to see if I want to fill my time with something more meaningful than Netflix and sleep.

What is one thing in Stockholm you couldn’t live without?
Having the water front so close by all the time is lovely.

What’s your favourite building in Stockholm?Kaknästornet (Cookie nose tower, Mörka 28). Because I like towers and square shapes. Also, the windows in the restaurant at the top have gold coatings, how delicious is that?!

What do you think of Stockholm’s transport?
I had a really hard time understanding the metro when I first moved here, I find the system quite weird and confusing. But once I figured out how it worked, I liked the metro. It is clean and quite trustworthy.

Arlanda airport is one of my favourite airports, lots of stuff to do and ok food. If it had free wifi it would be my no 1.