C I T Y  G U I D E

Laura Terp Hansen on Copenhagen

Introducing our Copenhagen Report is Laura Terp Hansen, the Founder and Art Director of Stella Magazine. Laura begins our series of features on the personalities behind Nordic creative projects by showing us the Danish capital through her design conscious eyes.

I am a graphic designer and I have worked as an art director for ten years. I love magazines and have a big passion for print and visual culture. Three years ago I founded Stella magazine, a bi annual magazine about culture for women.

Have you always lived in Copenhagen, what is your favourite area?
I grew up in a suburb just North of Copenhagen. But I have lived in Copenhagen for the last 15 years. I have lived all over the city from Nørrebro, City center, Frederiksberg and Vesterbro where I live now. I love living at Vesterbro, we are close to green areas and lots of nice cafes and cultural events just outside the door.

Where is your favourite place for:
a. Coffee
Kaffe on Istedgade is a cosy, little coffee place with wood interior and a very chilled atmosphere. In the summer time you can hang out outside and look at people strolling the street.

b. Cocktails
It depends on the mood and the company. But a place where they serve excellent cocktails is Ruby´s.

c. Views
I love going to the waterfront and watching the sea. Copenhagen has loads of water surrounding the city. In the summer time I often go to Amager Strandpark, a huge beach area just 15 minutes drive on my bike from where I live.

If you had a free afternoon in Copenhagen what would you do?
Read magazines and sip coffee in Thiemers - a very nice bookshop.

What would be your ideal night out in Copenhagen? Where would you go?
I would go to The Meatpacking District: dinner at Fiskebaren and hang out at the bar Jolene afterwards.

How would you spend your ideal weekend?
Going for a walk with my boyfriend and our little son in the neighborhood. Hang out in the Skydebanen park and drink a coffee.  Maybe see an art exhibition in town or go to Louisiana, a very nice art museum North of Copenhagen. Meeting up with some friends later and eat some good food and drinks.

What is one thing in Copenhagen you couldn’t live without?
My bike! It is easy to cycle around here and you are always close to green areas and the sea.

What’s your favourite building in Copenhagen and why?
Hmm…that’s difficult. I am very intrigued by DR Koncerthuset, a concert hall build by Jean Nouvel. It is full of great details and the concert hall inside is so beautiful -  it is all in wood and red tones. An amazing interior! It is my favorite place for a concert in Copenhagen.

What do you think of Copenhagen’s transport?
The airport is cool and it’s great that it is so close to the city. The only sad thing is that it is very expensive. Public transportation is far too expensive in Denmark.

What are your plans for 2013?
I hope that this year will bring some financial stability to Stella magazine. Me and my family will spend a few weeks in New York this summer which I am looking forward to very much. It will be a mix of business and pleasure.