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Karin Lindroos on Helsinki 

Karin Lindroos is the Founder and Editor of the blog community Ratata.fi. She spends her time photographing food and interiors, making books, writing and lecturing on slow fashion and social media. Karin is also involved with Marthaförbundet, The Swedish Martha Association in Finland that specialises in sustainable development. Karin kindly takes some time out of her busy schedule to discuss her Helsinki.

Have you always lived in Helsinki?
I am from a small town in southern Finland called Karis, but have lived in Helsinki for nine years. Right now in a very nice neighborhood called Kronohagen/Kruunuhaka. I recommend all tourist to visit Kronohagen, so many small nice shops. A blog reader of mine described Kronohagen as Paris in Helsinki.

Where is your favourite place for:
a. Coffee

Marimekko has a nice little café next to their shop in Galleria Esplanad, good for meeting and work.

b. Cocktails
Pueblo, a Mexican bar and restaurant a friend runs. You will find it at Eerikinkatu.

c. Views
The number one place for a good view of Helsinki is Ateljee Bar Torni in the center of town.

If you had a free afternoon in Helsinki what would you do?
Meet my sister and go to the Marimekko outlet in Herttoniemi, then early dinner at Fafa´s on Iso Roobertinkatu, REALLY great falafel.

What would be your ideal night out?
Start out with drinks and dinner at Shanghai cowboy, then We Got Beef.

How would you spend your ideal weekend?
Take a stroll through my neighborhood Kronohagen, there is a really nice little shop called Papershop with fun notebooks and posters. After that I would buy ingredienst for dinner at Anton&Anton, a food store with organic food. Actually Magnus, my husband, and I, write a food blog on their website.

What is one thing in Helsinki you couldn’t live without?
My bicycle that takes me everywhere 8-9 months of the year. The rest of the months I have to take the tram.

What’s your favourite building in Helsinki?
Maybe not the whole building, but i really like the atmosphere in the old swimming pool on Georgsgatan. Every other day it´s open for women, and every other for men, and you can swim naked if you want to!

What do you think of Helsinki’s transport?
I don´t use the metro that often, but it looks good (bright orange). The airport is great and super fresh.

What are your plans for 2013?
Right now I am working on a craft- and interior book about Christmas with a friend, the deadline  is this May. Goal is to have more free time in the weekends. In March and April I will go to Geneva to babysit cousins and visit French food markets.