JANSONNIKLASON is Sarah Niklasson and Patrik Janson, a Swedish stylist-duo based in Stockholm, who's collaboration started over a year ago. 
This daily journal will be an insight into their journey through Paris Men’s fashion week, attending shows, events, and working on some collaborations with Paris based photographers and creatives.  The pair have a super busy schedule and are bringing
exclusively to Wolf their tales of interesting and inspiring happenings throughout Paris Fashion Week


It has been a few super hectic days for us. Today is our last day before we take off to Paris and we have been running between last minute meetings, packing and wrapping up at the office.  
We dropped by the newly started showroom We Shall Run to pick up some clothes for ourselves and for some scheduled shoots we have planed in Paris. We picked up some great accessories from Swedish label HAAL and some nice essentials from the Berlin based label FRISUR.  It was a great visit in a super inspiring environment, you can have a look at their website: weshallrun.com. Now we are going to catch up on some sleep before our 6 am (!!) flight tomorrow morning.
Stay posted,


Now we have finished our first day in Paris and after a super early arrival we dropped our bags of at the apartment we are staying at and had to run to our first show 22/04_HOMME at Palais de Tokyo. A beautiful venue that will be one of the main venues for this week... its a shame will live in the opposite part of town… The show was good overall, we especially liked the hair, the over dimensional silhouette and that they they had both male and female models. After the show we had a few minutes to grab lunch at our favourite little Mexican place Candelaria in  le marais. The next show we attended was Y/PROJECT. A brand started by Belgian Antwerp graduate Glenn Martens that is known for its architectural cuts and comfortable fit. The show was at an industrial, and pretty raw location, that went well with the collection, which had many beautifully draped pieces and the styling was interesting with loads of layering of different textures. After the show we got on a crowded shuttle without air-condition to go our next show in a parking house where WALTER VAN BIERENDONCK showed his collection. Our ride was late so we got there right when the show started which meant we had to stand in the back, but still got some great pictures from this very personal collection! A big mix of colours, prints, materials and cuts were paired  with over the top pelican-masks and face-paint. A super fun show to see, full of creativity! 


Super early morning again. Getting some work done at the breakfast table with our new colleague Izzie, an italian greyhound who is living with us. 
After being stuck in traffic in a taxi we missed the KOLOR show, which was a shame, but it all felt ok after seeing a great RICK OWENS show. Owens had, as always, a super interesting collection which matched our aesthetic and taste perfectly. Structural clothes with amazing qualities were paired up with heavy boots and white-painted models. After we went for lunch at Qualite, a quick, fresh and healthy place. We got some work done there before heading back to do some more shows. 
Next up was Barcelona based German/Persian BORIS BIDJAN SABERI which was awesome! Beautiful headpieces, great styling and allover a great show. We had high expectations and the collection completely met them, one of our favorites so far.   
We then went to COLETTE to flick through some nice magazines and check out their assortment. A great place to find inspiration and a must-do when in Paris. Before going home to change for dinner we went to the JULIUS show. It was at an industrial venue that went perfectly with the dark collection. Great cuts and really interesting shoes were worn by models in white wigs. 
We met up with some friends for dinner at a little Sichuan restaurant that we usually go to when we are here which has super spicy food, which we love. Later we were off to the BOYCOTT magazine party at SILENCIO which is one of Paris best clubs at the moment and is designed as a homage to David Lynch's club in his movie Mulholland Drive. The party was super cool with a great performance by the Canadian band TRUST. Too bad we where not allowed to take any pictures at the club due to privacy for guests.
PS. This town seriously needs a million more taxis or a subway that runs all night.. We walked around in the rain for an hour fully dressed in leather before getting a hold of a car. Mega time to sleep.
Stay posted!


Another early morning with barely any time to get dressed before heading off to the ANN DEMEULEMEESTER show at Couvent des Cordeliers in Saint German! The show itself was really interesting to see since it was Sebastien Meunier’s first collection for the label. Beautiful sheer materials were styled with lots of layering, which we loved. Outside the show there was tons of inspiring people and magazines waiting to take our picture! We had a nice conversation with VOGUE JAPAN and GRAZIA UK about our outfits and personal  style, and thankfully we were wearing a lot of Swedish labels! 
We decided to walk to the MELINDA GLOSS show since it wasn’t too far and the venue was beautiful! The label presented its collection in a garden around an old abbey and the clothes were very nicely tailored and styled. After the show we where interviewed by FASHION TV to hear our view on the collection, which unfortunately resulted in us missing the shuttle to JUUN J show, so we ran to the train and were a bit late so we had to stand at the back. From what we saw the collection looked really nice but we didn’t manage to get any good pictures which was a bummer since we where really stoked to see the collection. Finally we got some time to sit down and eat at another one of our favourite Asian eateries here in Paris, called HAPPY NOUILLES in Le Marais where they make fresh noodles in front of you, which are super delicious. After we had a coffee at LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN where we had to get some work done by using their WiFi!
Then it was time for HENRIK VIBSKOV, the Danish designer who had his show outside within a public square in Le Marais. Our favourite looks within the collection were the 3 dimensional pieces, and we can say now that the shoes which were a mixture of a sock and a sneaker will be super popular if they ever go into production! In the evening we decided to catch up on some sleep and have a night in with a family pack of chips in a bubble bath!

Until next time!


Well rested after a greatly needed sleep, we got ready for our first show of the day SONGZIO, sadly it was raining so we jumped in a cab. The show was nice with a lot of monochrome styling, boxy cuts and stripe prints paired with some unique sandals. 
After SONGZIO, we rushed to the CHRISTAN DADA show where we where seated in the front row, quite close to where ALEXANDER WANG! The clothing was not really our aesthetic but had some interesting trimmings and a nice headpiece. Straight from DADA we tried hailing a cab to go to our next show for quite some time and, as usual, just arrived before it started. ICOSPHERE had really put effort into the materials and tailoring which was amazing, with real silver trimmings and super exclusive wools and cottons. Yet again we saw a lot of monochrome looks and we were eally starting to see a clear pattern for this seasons trends. After the show we where invited to have champagne and mingle with the designer and other guests in the amazing palace where the show was held. We had a quick drink and chat before going to our next showroom mingle at the amazing RAD HOURANI in Le Marais. The collection looked fantastic, as always - we are huge fans of his collections. 
After the cocktail party at Rad we had our last show for the day, which was ALEXANDRE MATTIUSSI. The show was held within a school, with the theme continuing as the main inspiration the collection. The models had very wearable street-wear looks which was quite nice. We really enjoyed the ending of the show when the models came out all at once toin the courtyard like a school-class then ran backstage together.  

Time to hurry home and change for the house party at Erick and Alexandre we had been invited to earlier today with Sarah wearing in a gown by PATRIK GUGGENBERGER.  
We arrived to a beautiful apartment on the 32nd floor, which is very unusual for Paris, where we danced and had a great time with friends. We stayed for a while and then left for SILENCIO where KTZ was hosting a party. In attendance were many interesting and cool people, one of them being the amazing JEAN PAUL GAULTIER. We stayed for about an hour had a few drinks until we decided to go home since we had yet another early day tomorrow! 



Woke up and got ready with our little friend Izzie, gosh we love that dog! We didn’t have any shows or meetings in the morning so we decided to go for a stroll in Pigalle where we are staying. We did some jewellery shopping at an Oriental store where they had really nice and cheap jewellery and bedazzled kaftans that were delightful.
Then, it was time for some showroom appointments. First up was the Berlin Showroom where we saw a lot of unique pieces from SISSI GOETZE, KILIAN KERNER and ALEKS KURKOWSKI, Patrik was trying on some beautiful samples while talking to Aleks about the collection she will be showing at Berlin fashion week. Aleks’ collection had really interesting cuts in both woman’s and men’s-wear. We also talked to the designer THOAS LINDNER who had some super cool sunglasses made from film that we got some samples of and that we will definitely be using in upcoming projects.
Moving on from the Berlin showroom to the MAN trade show, we found some really interesting accessories, such as a pair of beautiful Japanese hand-made sunglasses from EYEVAN 7285 with flat lens and a heavy frame. Another brand that had nice sunglasses was THE FOURNESS TOKYO, which were also hand-crafted in Japan with classic and timeless shapes. At the London based label YMC showroom we found a very cool bucket hat with built in sunglasses. YMC have collaborated with British shoe manufacturers SOLOVAIR this season to create some great shoes that have  a nice zipper detail.
After the showrooms and trade-shows we were starving, so we decided to go to a classic French brassiere and have some steak tartar with fries, a must have when you are in France. Time for the last show of the trip, which was RYNSHU at PALAIS DE TOKYO a major hotspot for show this week. The collection was inspired by the ocean and that was reflected in both photo print and in the materials they used throughout the collection. We then had a meeting with ERICK FAULKNER for a portrait shoot with us before we went back to Stockholm. He is currently doing an amazing project ,shooting people he likes and finds interesting in natural light, no makeup and no retouching. He is super talented and we were really excited about working with him. For the shoot Sarah was wearing glasses from the Swedish designer HAAL and Patrik was dressed in a full look of RAD HOURANI.
After the shoot we rushed home to change outfits for SUCCESS Model Management’s closing party for the end of Paris Fashion Week. Both of us were wearing RAD HOURANI from head to toe, Sarah in one of his signature pieces, a reversible jacket that can also be worn as a vest, dress and backpack. RAD is amazing at constructing garments and the fit is always perfect.
The party was held at the hotel JULES ET JIM in Le Marais, attending the party were some of the most important names in fashion including RICCARDO TISCI who we chatted with about his latest collection for GIVENCHY. When we told him that we were Swedish he told us that he loves Sweden and lived in Ängelholm for a few years when he was younger. We had a really successful night and met a lot of great people we can’t wait to collaborate with! After the party we dropped by our favourite club SILENCIO where the STYLEZEIGEIST MAGAZINE had a party. We stayed and mingled for a bit before we went home with our friend and super talented photographer RICARDO GOMES who we have been staying with this week. Before going to bed we were craving some last bites of French cheese so thank god for the all night open corner stores in Pigalle!

Good night!


And the final curtain has fallen on Paris Fashion Week June 2014.