Audio Indulgence with Iberia

Releasing their premier album today Wolf and Nordic by Nature are very excited to introduce Iberia, the Göteborg and Berlin based duo Maja Milner and Alexander Palmestål, who have the music peps talking and captivated by their unique and courageous sound. Hauntingly ambient with a healthy garnish of beats you can get down to, Wolf has been eagerly consuming their tunes all week and we think you should too!   

How would you describe your music?
M: Hate this, but maybe ambient r’n’b.
A: Music for tumblrs.

What got you started?
A: Boredom.
M: I’ve done music since I can remember so for me it came pretty naturally, I wanted to explore more. I always do.

If you had the chance to make a duet with one artist, who would it be?
A: MissyElliot
M: John Maus

Who was the last interesting person you encountered within the past 24 hours?
A: Ikaros from Team Rockit accidentally stole my headphones at my birthday party, so I went around to their studio to pick them up. They just released a book about hardstyle called "The Art of Hard" by Sunglass Tzu. It´s about how, what we know today as "hardstyle" or "gabber" was formed in ancient Japan, it contains excerpts from longer texts about the customs of that time and how the production techniques we take for granted today came about. It´s a real eye opener.
M: I met this old fisherman in Haag, outside Amsterdam (I took the wrong train from the airport) he was very interesting. I hope to meet him again.

What are your favourite tracks at the moment?
A: 1. David Bowie - Young Americans, 2. Debussy - Alexis Weissenberg, 3. Suite Bergamasque - III. Clair de lune, 4. Migos – Versace
M: 1. Subjected - 005.7 [Developer RMX] Vault Series 2. Evigt mörker – gud 3. Fulast- hålla låda

Do you have any weird rituals before going on stage?
M: No
A: Yes

If you had the chance to send a message to musicians of the future, what would you say?
M: Capture the beauty of the future and don’t over-romanticise the past too much.
A: Don't look back in anger...

How do you know when your work is finished?
A: When there is nothing left to do.
M: You just know.

Talk us through the best concert or show you have ever seen? Where was it and why was it so amazing?
A: Dan Bodan in Berlin, it was amazing because it was so awesome.
M: Hm. Maybe when Chris Liebing played in Berghain last time, for me it was really a wow-moment.  I felt like I wanted to go home and produce the hardest techno album ever.

What's coming up? Albums, tours etc.
A: Doing a show with team rockit and ceo at Debaser Medis in Stockholm, really excited about that. Also Gregorian has done an amazing remix i hope will see the light of day soon.
M: Right now the power is not in our hands anymore, but I hope that we can play a lot in new places.


Iberia tours: 
3.5.14 Spot Festival, Aarhus DK
26.6.14 Gut Feelings #5, Oslo NOR
1.7.14 Roskilde Festival, DK

Iberia's new album is available through Hybris.

Article: Ash Francisco
Photography:  Moa Karemyr