Get Happy- The Search for the perfect socks

Mr. Wolf sits down with Happy Socks Founders Mikael Söderlindh & Victor Tell to find out about what it takes to create an international success story.

Our poor little feet are so neglected. Right down there at the end of our legs, we stuff them into holey socks and ill-fitting shoes. We scorn them for their smell and hide them away. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Mikael Söderlindh & Victor Tell, the creators of Happy Socks, are on a mission to “spread happiness” by recreating the humble sock, and bringing life back to our long-neglected tootsies. 

It all began in the Spring of 2008, when Mikael and Victor were sitting around with some friends in the grey gloom of a lazy Sunday. The only thing to brighten the mood on that cloudy afternoon was their brightly coloured socks. This was the beginning of Happy Socks.

Their idea was to entirely redesign the sock, an item of clothing which is so vital to our everyday, but often so forgotten. Mikael and Victor wanted to make the sock something of beauty, something of “great design and great quality, offered at a fair price”. 

The origins of the aesthetic draw on the history of simple and classic Swedish and Scandinavian design. It is all about wearability, quality and practicality. Yet Happy Socks brings edginess to these origins, with new and unique colours and patterns. As the Creative Director, Victor’s motto is “All play, no work”, and the bold designs clearly reflect this. In fact, the socks are design pieces in themselves; they can create or complete any outfit.

The wearability of Happy Socks as individual pieces was crucial to their design. They wanted Happy Socks to be an item of clothing you would be happy to show off. Even more than that, they wanted Happy Socks to be a brand that would “spread happiness”.

And how do you do that? How do you create the perfect sock for people all over the world?

They say that this perfect sock is simply “a sock that makes you happy”, but it seems there is something more to it than that.

It is all about staying true to your origins while being “adaptable to the international market”. With experience, the manufacture of Happy Socks has been perfected, but most importantly, “the design is permanently evolving”. This guarantees fresh new looks and consistent quality.

Since their founding, Mikael and Victor attribute the incredible growth and success of the company to “hard work” and “choosing the right partners locally”. Undoubtedly, huge international collaborations with brands including Keds, Adidas and Opening Ceremony have added to their success and marketability abroad.

With their unwavering commitment to a bold design aesthetic and quality, a “great attention to detail”, and a clever global marketing strategy, it seems like these über cool marketeers have the world at their feet. Now all they have to do is get their world, onto your feet.

Words: Annie Ferguson