Hanging Ten with Hanna Edghill

Hanna Edghill is an illustrator, graphic designer and amateur surfer with an infectious zest for life. She is currently living and working in Malmö, Sweden. Wolf caught up with Hanna to discuss her art, her travels, and her inspiration.

On family
My father has worked as a graphic designer and he is also a bit of an artist. I guess creativity is kind of in the family. My sister, Filippa, is also a graphic designer. We’re not competitive at all even though we started doing illustration together. I guess we always wanted to impress one another. Lately we’ve started to move apart creatively as Filippa has started working with motion graphics and I work with mobile phones.

On her art
If we’re talking about illustration, my process usually starts with an image in my head of what I want the final product to look like. I go about trying a few different things, but I usually always land on the first style I had in mind.
I very rarely work with pen and paper. Most of my work is digital illustration, and it usually happens after 12 at night. I don’t actually work well at night, but it’s just that right now I have my full-time job, so by the time I sit down it’s always late. I figure while I have the energy and I’m young I should go for it.
I haven’t had any training – I’m a phoney. I get the feeling quite often that I hope no one discovers that I’m not a designer. I’m just someone who liked colours.
I would describe my design aesthetic as happy. My work is always quite colourful and curious. I had a very long internship in Barcelona, Spain. I can tell that it influenced me quite a lot.
To help with inspiration I collect a bunch of images each month in a folder. It’s my version of like collecting Pokémon cards.

On surfing
My father is from Barbados. I go there every year to surf. I surf in Sweden too but it’s quite cold. The surf scene in Sweden is still quite small. If you asked another surfer if they knew Hanna with the red board they would probably say yes. Although it is getting bigger, and there are some good places to surf. There is a growing community.
I also go surfing in France in the summer. But surfing in France and Sweden is hard to compare when you’ve surfed in Barbados.

On travel
My favourite city in the world is Barcelona. It is great in every way. You can walk everywhere and it’s always sunny. Even if it rains, it’s only for fifteen minutes and then it goes away. The people there don’t have an agenda. They will spontaneously come and talk to you, or hang out. Barcelona has the most beautiful landscape: mountains, ocean, and forests. They have it all.

On superpowers
If I had one superpower I think it would be to breathe underwater. Or fly maybe? I think breathing underwater would be quite helpful with the surfing. But maybe I should think outside the box… Maybe mind reading? Fireballs? Oh shit… Oh I don’t know! All I can think is that it would be great to have abs like the superheroes do. No. I’ll go with breathe underwater. I can live without the abs.

Hanna is currently working on packaging for organic energy bars, as well as a frame-by-frame video project. To see more of Hanna’s work, click here.

Words: Annie Ferguson