Getting to know: Tempel

In the lead up to the Iceland Airwaves Festival Mr. Wolf has decided to get better acquainted with some of the festival’s top picks.

Copyright: Tempel

Think imagined landscapes teamed with heavy synths and drum machines. Enter Tempel: a dynamic duo from the small town of Gothenburg, Sweden. The masterminds of this project, Filip and Albert, both shied away from projects in pop in search of something more experimental and free.

Tempel writes and records at Filip’s studio, in Gothenburg, where they improvise with different synths and sounds.  Rather than drawing influence from specific bands or artists, Filip and Albert produce their music based on impressions and experiences they have collected throughout the years. This unique approach definitely produces a unique sound, which is vibrant and vast.

The collaborative music culture of Gothenburg has undoubtedly added to the character of Tempel’s music. They take bold strides into the experimental from a confident base of collective musical knowledge and experience.

Love, the surprise third member of Tempel, contributes perhaps the most distinctive and surprising feature: animation. It is clear that the visuals and music go hand in hand, and are created in collaboration. Love’s visuals add an extra dimension to the music they creates a whole new level of engagement and enjoyment. It is clear that they are designed with passion and care.

You can catch Tempel at Iceland Airwaves 2013. Albert and Filip will also be playing separate shows at the festival, with Sumie Nagano and Anna von Hausswolff respectively. They are currently working on new material, experimenting with electronic sound and vocals. Watch this space.

Tempel says...
Our music sounds like… death ambient.
We make music because…our fathers forced us.
The best advice we were ever given was…work harder.
When we grow up we want to be…fishermen.
Happiness is…when you do what you want.
We can’t live without…cats.

Words: Annie Ferguson