First Aid Kit on WOLF

First Aid Kit, the headlining tour de force comprised of sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg tells Wolf about their hit track of the same name.  


We were inspired by the amazing songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie when we wrote "Wolf". She has that mysticism that we find so intriguing. It's about loving and respecting the natural world and all non-humans. It seems to be something we civilized Westerns have forgotten to do. We seem to regard nature and animals as resources we can use for economical growth instead of as companions in a larger sustainable ecological system. We've decided we humans are above the rest of the world, and that we "own" it somehow. It's very frightening.

We were also completely taken with the music video (see below), how did the idea for the video come about? 

Thank you so much! We got to make the video with the fantastic director Johan Söderberg who is someone we've wanted to work with for a very long time. We wanted to capture just that eeriness and witchy vibe that you mention, without it becoming too literal. I feel like all people are naturally scared of the forest - I can hardly imagine anything more scary than walking around a big forest in the dark. There is something very timeless about forests, and Johanna and I have always been surrounded by them. In Sweden the forests is where the trolls and witches can be found in old tall tales. We grew up with hearing those stories, so it's probably inspired us. Wolves seem to be these magical creatures who both scare us and fascinate us. They symbolize true wilderness, with their howling. There are no suppressed emotions. They are incredibly beautiful to look at. But I don't think we'd ever want to meet one on of those midnight walks in the woods.

First Aid Kit has experienced a spectacular rise in the last few years, how are you coping with the tour schedule?

Our journey so far has been a crazy, mostly unbelievable one. We are just about to do our last tour, where we will be touring all across our beautiful, but very cold, Sweden. When that tour is over, we will have been on tour for 17 months straight! We're planning to take some time off then and continue to work on new songs, which we're very excited about.

We take it fairly easy on tour and we always try to make sure we get enough sleep, stuff that might seem boring but very essential. We get to play music every night and we have so much fun, but it can easily get too hectic if we don't take care of ourselves.

Playing Sweden is always a little different from the rest of the world. It becomes a little more personal somehow. Perhaps because we speak Swedish on stage and do this so rarely at other times since we mostly tour outside of Sweden. This tour we're about to do in Sweden will be the first real tour we'll do here though, whereas we've only played the bigger cities before. Now we're going to smaller cities and see more of our country, we can't wait!

There is no greatest moment. Some stand out, of course, like when we've been lucky enough to get to meet and work with some of our biggest heroes. While all of those meeting are crazy and inspiring, what really means something is just hearing that our music has had some kind of impact upon people. Whether it's looking into someone's eyes at a show and seeing them singing along to the lyrics, or a shy young girl coming up to us to thank us for writing these songs - those are the moments that are priceless.

Did you have New Years resolutions for 2013? What do you hope to achieve for First Aid Kit in a years time?

Perhaps to take it easy for a while, haha. I think we are most excited about working on new songs and dreaming up a new album. We aspire to continue to write songs that mean something to us, and then by extension, mean something to someone else. That is always the hope.

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