Copenhagen Dining Week

This weekend saw the end of Copenhagen Dining week, and Wolf was there to share in the culinary enjoyment at Nose2Tail.

For the fourth year running Copenhagen Food Magazine and San Pellegrino have joined forces to select an intimate number of restaurants, which then put together their best work in the form of a 3-course meal with selected wines, at a very accessible price. 

Wolf picked up the pre-purchased tickets for the delicious selection at Nose2Tail, a self-proclaimed meat bodega in Kodbyen, the meatpacking district of Copenhagen. Given the restaurant’s sustainable ethos and testament to using the whole animal – from nose to tail - we were very eager to start eating.

The basement of Nose2Tail, which also serves as the main restaurant, combines white tiled walls with dark wooden interior roof panels to give a feeling of a prohibition time-warp.

The first course was a tasting board of selected delectable meat and savoury delights; strong white Benedikte and Astrup blue cheeses, liver pate, lumpfish roe with smoked cheese and chives, air dried ham, beef Carpaccio and chicken mousse.

In between the courses there was enough time to take in the somewhat sinister interior of the place. Large candles were scattered around the restaurant, their wax overflowing and running onto the rustic wood tables. Animal skulls hung from the sterile walls and light fittings hung low, giving a soft glow to match the warmth of the candles. 

For the second course Wolf was served poached pork collar glazed in malt syrup with pork terrine, glazed roast beetroots and apples, potato mash and marrow sauce. Feeling uncomfortably full, the second course could have been enough, yet dessert was still to be tackled. It was surprisingly a great choice, Apple trifle with vanilla ice-cream, which both lit up the mood and made the journey home to more manageable.

All-in-all Wolf had a great experience enjoying this unique opportunity to get immersed in Copenhagen's thriving gourmet restaurant scene. Copenhagen Dining Week ran from 10th -16th of February, and impressed us with its ease, simplicity and value for money. In fact, he had such a good time, he is going to make it a regular tradition. Don't be surprised if you see a Wolf at your table!

Valkendorfsgade 22
1151 København K

Words: Ash Francisco