Chocolate Coated Marshmallow Cakes


400g Johan Bülow Liquorice Marzipan
300g sugar
1dl water
150g egg whites
400g dark chocolate

Heat the oven to 180C, 350F, gas 4. Cut the marzipan into slices and bake on baking parchment for 5 – 8 minutes.
Bring 300g sugar and 1dl water to the boil and let the syrup boil for 2 minutes, until the temperature is ca. 110 degrees.
Lightly whip the egg whites with an electric hand mixer. Add the syrup slowly while still whipping and continue to whip for 15 minutes. Add 25g freeze- dried passion fruit powder or 15g freeze-dried raspberry powder while whipping. The mixture should be very stiff.
Using a piping bag, pipe the mixture onto the marzipan slices and bake for ca. 5 minutes, until the surface stiffens. Leave to cool then dip/paint with melted dark chocolate and sprinkled with Raw Liquorice Powder.

Recipe provided by Lakrids by Johan Bülow