Caroline Roxy is a stylish Swedish triple threat: blogger, model, and fashion designer.
Wolf fell in love with her rock’n’roll look and couldn’t resist the opportunity to get the inside scoop on her style.

Caroline grew up in a small town near Gothenburg, Sweden. Her childhood hobbies included horse riding, as well as making (and destroying) her own clothing. She began modelling at the age of 13 and fell in love with the industry, leading her to go on and study fashion at university.

Since starting her blog about a year ago, Caroline’s online profile has exploded, bringing her fans from across the world. With great success has come great opportunity: she has recently designed her own line of clothing, Jofama by Roxy, which is due to be released this summer. She says that she loves the freedom and creativity that comes with blogging, and the fact that she gets to be her own boss.

As for her personal dress sense, Caroline says she is inspired by music, festivals and street-style. She describes her look as “a rock dressed up kind of style”. Her fashionable picks for 2014 are Acne Studios, Hunkydory, and Whyred.

Her guilty pleasures include pancakes, chocolate, and flavoured milk and her favourite way to spend a lazy Sunday hanging out with her girlfriends, drinking coffee, and brunching. On her days off you will probably find her wearing workout gear.

This year, Caroline has some big projects planned, including the release of her clothing line. She is also planning a hair-tutorial project and one secret that’s so secret we will just have to wait and see!

Caroline’s tips for looking fabulous:
“Always try to look as good as you can without make-up and clothing; all naked, all natural. For me that means: take care of your skin, use sun screen, make sure you eat right so you get all the vitamins you need, and work out in a healthy way!



Words: Annie Ferguson