Northern Spring Audio Indulgence

Things are warming up in Scandinavia and summer no longer feels like a myth with festivals and long days just around the corner. So in the interest of giving your audio collection a spring clean and an injection of Scandinavian flavour, Wolf has teamed up with Nordic by Nature to bring you all the hot nordic music gossip from around water cooler.

Norwegian group Tôg, who just released their second album Feiring, gets things rolling...

How would you describe your music?
Disco or house, something in between. I guess it's always disco if there's a band involved.

What makes you want to play music?
I guess it's the special moments that are created in me, and/or an audience, when all the ingredients add up perfectly. It's moments like that, that give me an immense joy over being able to create. I think that is inherent in people’s nature.

What got you started?
I was twelve years old and had understood that playing guitar would land me attention from members of the opposite sex. I guess we humans are simple in that regard. I had other reasons to continue playing though.

Where do you want to be in the next 6 months? Somewhere hot, where I can make some tunes. 

"When all the ingredients add up perfectly... It's moments like that, that give me an immense joy over being able to create."

What's holding you back?
Dineros. I need to save up!

Talk us through the best show you have ever had - or the worst. Where? When? What happened?
Aw, we've had so many good shows! We really liked playing in Berlin, always like to play with our percussionist because it gives us so many opportunities to improvise during a show, create dance breakdowns and just go mental!

We had him along for the Berlin show and we could see the audience swaying back and forth. Also it’s really fun to confront an audience as a leader of the concert, discovering how some people in the audience were perplexed and avoided meeting my gaze in fear of me disturbing their cool. Such moments gave me extreme pleasure!

What’s coming up?
Releasing our album Feiring in March, and going to Haiti to shoot a music video! 

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Article: Ash Francisco