Audio Indulgence with Cancer

Ja Ja Ja has arrived in Berlin and continues after two sold out events. 

The Ja Ja Ja November edition on 13.11. will introduce the 3 new Nordic talents: Adna, Cancer and Team Me, in cooperation with FluxFM and Nothing But Hope And Passion, at Fluxbau.


If you had the chance to send a message to musicians of the future, let's say 2020, what would you say?

I don’t think I would, if anything I would wait until 2020 to say it, but then they wouldn't be future musicians so maybe it wouldn't make sense. Really I just think I would be listening.


What are you doing or where do you feel the most inspired/creative/radical?

When I’m writing music or playing it. Sometimes it could also just be a really good conversation. Actually I don’t really know it could be anywhere, that’s why I always bring a notepad wherever I go.


Talk us through the best performance or show you've seen? Where was it and why was it so good?

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at a festival here in Denmark. They were playing Stagger Lee and there was a blonde girl from the audience hanging from Nick Caves ankles crying all through the song and it was raining hard. Really strong. I must have seen him live three or four times and every show has been amazing.


How do you know when your work is finished?

It´s just a feeling, but sometimes you just have to call it finished and then that’s what it is.


What's coming up? Albums, Tours, etc

We´re writing a lot of new music right now, so it feels like we might have to finish up an album soon. We would like to play a lot more live because it feels great and like we´re just getting started.

FluxFM & NBHAP present:

Ja Ja Ja Club Night

Adna (SE), Cancer (DK), Team Me (NO)


Thu, 13 Nov 2014, Doors 20.00 Uhr

FluxBau, Pfuelstr. 5, 10997 Berlin


5 JaJaJa-member / 7 non-member

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