Audio indulgence with Asbjørn

The week's audio indulgence with Nordic by Nature features Asbjørn, who began a unique musical journey this year, breaking the shackles of traditional album releases and taking his listeners on a path of musical discovery with periodically released songs from his album Pseudo Visions. This unique approach to developing and releasing an album over time has grabbed Wolf’s attention, and we are more than keen to join Asbjørn on his year long adventure to actively get audiences to consider the question:

What is contemporary pop music? 

How would you describe your music?
Self-exposing and human pop music with a lot of sex and temper! I strive to be the ideal male pop artist because I missed out on these sort of role models from MTV, and pop culture in general, throughout my childhood. Pop was my religion but I couldn’t see myself reflected in any male artists and the stereotypical masculinity they stood for, so basically everything I do is inspired by strong women like Madonna, Beyoncé or Patti Smith.

What got you started?
Britney Spears, haha! I was a huge fan. I told one of my brothers, Sigurd, when I was 8 or something that I would always love her. He asked if I was willing to bet on that and I was like “yeah, of course”. So I signed a contract saying that I owed him 100 DKK if I ever stopped loving her. Then, in my darkest teenage years, deep into folk melancholia, he asked me how I felt about Britney these days and I answered that I thought she was shit. Out of his pocket came this sneaky-ass piece of paper, naturally I denied ever having signed such a thing. The love has returned so it really doesn’t count! In other news I’ve also become better at not signing contracts without hesitation.

What makes you want to play music?
Dancing. As a teenager I totally lost my body and thought I was going to be a real singer/songwriter behind the piano or guitar, but suddenly I realised that I haven’t danced since I was a kid. I play music to lose control and the most direct way for me to do that is by dancing. The biggest compliment is when people lose control with me at shows and we all just move through whatever shit we have in our minds together.

If you had the chance to make a duet with one artist, who would it be?
Ingrid Haavik from Highasakite. I’ve listened to their new record ‘Silent Treatment’ everyday since the release. I am building up the courage to ask her. I have thought about writing her a handwritten letter so she knows that I am serious. The ultimate test of manhood!

What are your top 3 favourite tracks at the moment?
Lover, Where Do You Live by Highasakite, Kids by Slow Celebration and Gimmie Dat by Ciara.

If you had the chance to send a message to musicians of the future, what would you say?
Perfection is not constant.

How do you know when your work is finished? 
It’s never finished. I accept that everything changes and all I can do is try to capture moments that are honest and true.

Best show you have ever had? Or the worst! Where? when? what happened?
Berlin Festival 2013 under the roof of the terrifying Tempelhof Airport. We played just after Pet Shop Boys and overlapped with Blur, making the audience miss the first couple of minutes of Damon & co. I felt like I wasn’t human, like we were all just one big weird organism moving and breathing together. No, I was not on drugs.

Where do you want to be in the next 6 months?
Berlin. I go where the music wants and it wants Berlin.

I am in motion with my next album ‘Pseudo Visions’ which is being released as we speak! I am recording four songs at the time, making videos telling a continuous story and releasing them one by one and in 2015 it will be a full album. I was quite frustrated after the release of my debut album, ‘Sunken Ships’, because I’d been in a bubble for 2 years shaping the songs, and at the point when the record was a finished creative process I was already passed it.

With ‘Pseudo Visions’ I get to release tracks while they are fresh, and the whole record, which will be complete in 2015, will have a very natural and obvious development. No one will ever be done evolving and this is an attempt to accept that, instead of obsessing about being perfect and appearing like I’ve got it all figured out. I don’t, this just feels right – right now.   


Watch the first three instalments of Pseudo Vision:

“Being an ‘independent man’, exploring your sexuality and playing with the masculine ideal is still hard in pop-culture, and most men who try will be labelled ‘less men’. I believe that every man should find his own balance between femininity and masculinity, and standing by that balance makes him a real man. However, that is not yet the perception in mainstream culture today”



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