An intimate session with Panamah

Wolf ventured out of our lair and across the water from Helsingborg to Hesingør to see what all of the fuss is about when it comes to Copenhagen band Panamah. 

After hearing a lot about Panamah, but not actually hearing much of their music, Wolf was excited to head down to Toldkammeret, the old customs house in Helsingør, to experience an intimate show dedicated to getting to know the band a little better.

Toldkammeret is a small venue, especially for a band that was nominated for best Danish Act in 2013 by MTV Europe, but it was the perfect setting for a more relaxed show that demonstrated a strong connection with the audience, and really illustrated the personality of the band. In the audience it felt like we were witnessing a phenomenon that was anchored in time. Wolf has no doubt there are big things ahead for this multidimensional Danish band, and it made the performance all the more special, feeling like we were witnessing an individual moment along the path of the bands inevitable rise in popularity.

With sultry vocals and a style that hipster kids everywhere would kill for, front lady Amelie, the matriarch of the band, has an intensity to her performance that demands attention and holds the focus of the audience on her lucid body movements and general stage presence. Reminding Wolf of strong and charismatic front women such as Florence Welsh and First Aid Kit, Amelie’s talent not only lies in her clear and on point vocals but her ability to engage with the audience, creating an experience where each individual person feels like they are attending a private and personal performance.

Other band members Anders and Peter put on an energetic show, getting immersed in the sound and theatrics, while complimenting Amelie’s façade. Wolf was impressed by their quirky style including cowboy boots with singlet’s and double leather ensembles. The performance at Toldkammeret was supported by three temporary band members who helped bring the performance together with an added depth of sound, making the performance unique and providing a show that went deeper into the potential of their sound and building on the foundation of their recorded tracks. 

We are looking forward to watching the growth of Panamah and the reaction of audiences everywhere to their smooth pop style.

Facebook: PanamahMusic

Check out their video DJ Blues, we can’t get it out of our head.