Alfred Hall

With an easy going pop edge that has critics listening up, Norwegian band Alfred Hall are reminding Wolf of summer days and long road-trips. With on point harmonies and an elating yet chill sound, the band is sure to have people dancing when they take the stage at the upcoming Berlin JaJaJa Nordic Music night hosted by the ladies at Nordic by Nature. Wolf meets Hans Thomas Kiær and Bjørn Tvei aka Alfred Hall.....

What got you started?
We started out playing cover songs the summer of 2009, when Hans Thomas and I were fed up with doing gardening work on his family’s farm in Drammen. We finished our first original song at the end of that year.

If you had the chance to do a duet with one artist, who would it be?
Never really thought about that before. A lot of heroes out there. Maybe Neil Young?

Who would be your dream fan?
Will Ferrell.

Who was the last interesting person you encountered in the past 24 hours?
We mostly keep to ourselves. No, actually I can’t think of anything interesting that has happened this whole past week. Need to spice things up I guess!

What are your three favourite tracks at the moment?
Warpaint - Love Is To Die
Mac Demarco - Passing Out Pieces
The War On Drugs - Red Eyes

If you could play at or attend any European festival, which one would be at the top of your list?
Primavera Sound. That would be amazing.

Do you have any weird rituals before jumping on stage?
Not really. We used to do this cheer, where we all huddled in like a football team, but we’ve stopped doing that.

If you had the chance to send a message to musicians of the future, let's say 2020, what would you say?
Be nice to your mother.

What are you doing or where do you feel the most inspired/creative/radical?
It’s usually late at night with some beers, after a long day of listening to lots of different music. When it all quiets down and there is space left for melodies to enter my mind.

Talk us through the best performance or show you've seen? Where was it and why was it so good?
The one that stands out in my memory was Arcade Fire at Hovefestivalen in 2010. We were a good bunch of friends who had been fans for quite some time, and the band played really well (as I believe they always do). Previously in the day we had seen The Drums and Vampire Weekend too, which had us nicely warmed up.

Being a musician is an extra bonus skill, right? Tell us something that you're embarrassingly unskilled at?
Taking care of flowers.

How do you know when your work is finished?
When we’re happy with the lyrics, the melody and everything in between.

What's coming up? 
We’re currently focusing on writing new songs. We have a lot of material that we would really like to share with everyone, soon.

Article: Ash Francisco