Mr. Wolf Magazine is an independent journal profiling the leading personalities behind Nordic design, style, art and music.
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The Contributors

The Editor, Laura Phillips

Laura founded Mr. Wolf Magazine during her time at Lund University in Sweden. Partial to all things Swedish, Laura set about putting her journalism skills to good use. A fan of rooftops, airports and saunas, Laura attributes her interest in Scandinavia to solid childhood exposure to ABBA. When not publishing magazines Laura most loves to Fika. 

Leading Contributor, Ash Francisco

Based in the Öresund region of Scandinavia but regularly venturing out into the big wide world, Ash is a freelance writer and online editor for Wolf. Originally from Melbourne, Ash for now calls Sweden home and enjoys sharing her Scandinavian adventures, while also enticing others to tell about theirs…

Leading Contributor, Annie Ferguson

Annie is a freelance writer and theatre-maker, with an undying love for all things Sigur Rós. A recent graduate from the University of Melbourne, Annie is now a leading contributor to Wolf, dedicated to bringing the most exciting Nordic news to your desktop.

Leading Contributor, Emily Hutchinson

Emily is a freelance writer and editor. After studying in Geneva and working in New York, Emily returned home with not only a slightly heightened knowledge of cheese, but an appreciation of different cultures and how to best translate their stories through the written word. 

karim2 copy.jpg

Contributing photographer, Karim Helgstrand Nour

Karim is a freelance photographer who lives to see the world, and tries to capture it all on his Pentax. Based in Malmö, Karim is a man about town who has a knack for tracking down those that are unknown, but shouldn’t remain that way! As a contributor for Vol. 2 and continuing to spread the word of Wolf in Skåne, Karim has definitely joined the pack

The Art Director, Eleanor Downie. 

After studying Communication Design at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen, Eleanor has been searching for as many ways as possible to stay connected to the part of the world she so loves. Enter Mr. Wolf. When not designing magazines or searching for a Danish husband – any Larsens or Andersens just give her a call – Eleanor enjoys long walks through the forest and indulging in fika as regularly as possible.

The Illustrator, Amy Bridges.

Originally from a small port town in England, Amy studied Fashion Design at Bath School of Art and Design before working as an intern in a Paris fashion house. Lured by croissants, cheap wine and being able to wear dresses in summer she ended up staying in Paris for three years. It was during this time she turned to illustration after she realised she was naturally more talented at drawing straight lines than sewing them. She recently returned to England to study digital print design and currently works as a freelance illustrator and surface designer. For commissions contact,


Contributing Photographer, Andreas Lindbäck

Andreas is a half swedish and half brasilian documentary photographer with a penchant for fashion photography. He is based in the south of Sweden and has studied film studies at Lund University, with a year at UC Berkeley. If you want to see more of his work check out

Shane Willmett

Contributing Photographer and Graphic Designer, Shane Willmett  

Originally from a small agricultural town in Far North Queensland, Australia, Shane studied his Masters of Architecture at Lund University, Sweden. He considers all facets of design one and the same and approaches all his work with a similar craft. To extend his experience and repertoire of things art, photography, design, architecture and otherwise he has spent many years travelling abroad and documenting these experiences. He now resides in Brisbane.


Contributing Photographer, Angus Greene

Taking a step away from his formal training at Stockholm's Kungliga Tekniska högskolan in project management, Angus is driven by keen interests in travel, photography, and Scandinavian design. During time spent residing in and travelling through Scandinavia, Angus has had the opportunity to peer through the lens and capture some of those elements which contribute so importantly to the Scandinavian culture we all love. 




Reuben Acciano, Kat Browne, Lindy Hare, Alex Lake, Fanny Lindberg, Sophie Phillips, Gertjan Vandezande

Isabelle Carr, Celine Debray of Sérendipité.ch, Mandy Downie, Lauren Downie, Tim Hall, Lucy Hamilton, Alina Korovina, Clare McFarlane, Olivia Morgan, Catherine Read, Helen Wellard, Jacqueline Wortley


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